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Increasing Customer Engagement Through Big Data Analytics

Financial institutions have been leveraging consumer data to improve and streamline their cross-sell and up-sell opportunities for some time. Today, the big task for financial institutions will be to use consumer data analytics to understand what makes their customers really tick. But they can’t do it all on their own.

New data analytic solutions are now making it possible for financial institutions to leverage more of their customers’ data into their everyday business practices to proactively deliver more personalized products and services to their customers. By harnessing these services, financial institutions can create more engaging, customer-centric programs that meet consumer demand regardless of how they choose to interact with their financial institution.

Please join us on Tuesday, July 14th at 11am PT / 2pm ET for a web seminar featuring Jason Malo, Research Director of Retail Banking at CEB TowerGroup and John Bird, VP of Product Marketing and Alliances at Yodlee, where we’ll explore:

  • How—by connecting ATM, mobile, and location-specific data—the Internet of Things (IoT) will help banks understand individual customers and their needs
  • How to leverage transaction data to provide personalized advice and guidance when and where a consumer wants it
  • How transaction data can help you deliver products, services, and content that are pertinent to customers, via the right channel, at the right time
  • The emerging opportunity to develop alliances with other service offerings, including insurance providers, healthcare practitioners, airlines, and hotels

Do more with your data. You can be sure your competitors are.

Date: 14 Jul 2015
Time: 2:00 PM
Time Zone: ET
Hosted By: American Banker
Speaker: Jason Malo, Research Director of Retail Banking at CEB TowerGroup and John Bird, VP of Product Marketing and Alliances at Yodlee

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