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Cxcellence: Beyond PR Agency to Evangelist

WHAT do we impact for vendors like you?

The average press release is full of critical content....but somehow rarely creates the intended impact. Short life, limited discussion, engagement and sharing. That’s where the story ends....

What does your company want from its most important announcements?

Do you want it to be widely discussed, for people to engage around your approach, brand and the capabilities you bring to your clients? We’re pretty sure the answer is a big YES.

WHO are we?

A publisher of high quality content in your space — customer centric solutions. That includes: customer experience, loyalty, rewards, voice of the customer, gamification, CRM, big data, customer satisfaction, customer centricity, NPS and more.

We focus on producing original content around the capabilities that vendors bring to their clients. Our content allows us to be welcome participants in social discussions, twitter threads and other online conversations around customer centric solutions.

WHY talk to us?

Go beyond PR to evangelism. It’s not as cosmic as it sounds ... just a very practical marketing boost that only a credible external evangelist can give to your key messaging. We only work with companies that we share a philosophical alignment with — and ones we belief bring an important set of capabilities to the table for our audiences.

Modernize your marketing efforts and create a more dominant messaging capability. Extend the life of your key press releases and reach deeper and earlier into the buyers journey via access to the social and online conversation.

HOW do we do it?

Our focus is on producing content that your prospects want to engage with earlier in their buyers journey. That has given us a persona that we use to drive the conversation around key customer centric strategies. Our reach is deeper and earlier in the buyers journey — and we can bring your key messaging there as well.


Messaging Distribution

We tackle the biggest marketing challenge that vendors like you face: Getting visibility and engagement for your key messaging. If your company is issuing press releases .. or even if it isn't .. we know that you're not satisfied with the reach of your messaging. We fix by adapting and augmenting your content to make it more appealing and engaging for your audiences earlier in their buyer's journey.

Content Strategy

If producing content in the quantity and quality needed is a problem, we have the expertise to help. We leverage a combination of software, content harvesting and proven content production processes to drive the flow of powerful content from around your business.

Industry Research & Analysis

We cover the customer centric solutions space on a daily basis and with that we have one of the most extensive databases of vendors in the Customer Experience, Loyalty, Voice of the Customer, Gamification, Big Data and other related spaces. That gives us and our clients a head start on industry research whether it's geared towards competitive analysis, product planning or strategy around pricing, packaging or new market entry. We support those efforts by our clients with smart, comprehensive industry data that only an industry insider can produce.


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