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Going From Good to Great on Customer Centricity: 4 Ways Companies are Creating Real Advantage

Most companies now recognize customer centricity as a key competitive factor.  There's a degree of focus on it, from top executives to team leaders -- and the results are often good.  

But how does your company take its customer centricity from good to great.  I mean the kind of change that creates real compettiive advantage.  

Here are 4 areas of advanced customer centricity that can help your company to lead your industry customer focus: 

1.  Ensuring your team knows as much as your customer about their omnichannel customer service history

Sometimes being customer centric is about getting the core things right -- your customer knows about every call, email, tweet and facebook post they've made.  Why doesn't every cs rep in your company have access to the same information?

Sparkcentral's ( omnichannel conversation tracking capability makes your company more customer centric by aligning your reps awareness of customer service history with your customers. 

2. Elevation of the standards of meeting customer expectations

A company centric mindset makes a slight shift towards focusing on customer expectations more often.  but true customer centricity raises the standard and targets meeting customer expectations EVERYTIME. 

Selligent's ( analytics dashboards and responsive design tools empowers clients to raise their standards of meeting customer expectations about content.  Prospects and customers get content that hits the mark everytime -- based on technology powering the personalization process.

3. A proactive approach to anticipating, understanding and preventing customer problems and driving customer success

Taking proactive measures like customer expectation management, building joint success plans, and targeting trust among customers all play a role. 

Kapta ( powers collaborative Joint Success PlansTM between key account managers and the accounts that matter most. Mutual agreement on expectations and outcomes breeds trust and drives customer growth. 

4. Getting the customer involved earlier and more often 

Beyond a mindset, customer centricity drives agile companies to seek out customer involvement in more service and product development processes.  Earlier (and more) involvement often offers a higher quality result of development efforts.

UserZoom's ( testing infrastructure for User-Centered Design & Agile Development brings the capability to rope in customer earlier and more often -- to right the ship before it's off kilter for too long.

Good to Great

We're past the days where customer centricity was a new concept and a decent effort was enough to create business advantage.  Now it's a point of competition and the real winners are the companies that are setting the bar higher.  If your company can tackle 2 or more of the above elements, competitive advantage is not far away.

Nov 20, 2016  

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Going From Good to Great on Customer Centricity: 4 Ways Companies are Creating Real Advantage

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