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Using Customer Centric Strategies to Build Business Momentum

Once your business has achieved a strong growth level, how do you take it to the next level?  The key is making that growth more permanent -- what we call that momentum and all great businesses have it. 

1. Focusing your efforts on the customers which offer the best opportunity for growth

An incomplete customer feedback strategy assumes that listening to all customers is a success on its own.  But if the goal is momentum, one of the key outcomes of your VoC efforts has to be a better understanding of which customers are going to be the key to your longterm growth acceleration.

PeopleMetrics ( believes In listening to customers, and that key insights to your customer centricity will follow—including understanding what customer segments are most important.  So you can support and nurture their continued business. 

 2. Using rapid actioning of customer feedback to build promoters among customers

Even when things have always gone smoothly, a lingering doubt resides in the mind of customers about your ability to address big problems when they arise.  Deeper customer relationships are often built during those extremely difficult moments when customer have significant problems.   The right actioning of customer feedback can be the fuel for creating brand fans among customers -- the kind that are effective promoters of your business to new prospects.

By helping clients to "close the loop" more effectively on customer feedback, AskNicely ( helps them to build business momentum.  The key is automatic routing of findings to the right actioner and intelligent response support systems to ensure customer issues are resolved with maximum efficiency.

3. Stepping into the customer's shoes to identfy momentum killers

Highly satisfied customers are the fuel for business momentum.  They buy more, they buy often and they refer alot of new business.  Meeting that bar of high satisfaction levels -- and even delighted customers -- requires a deep sense of what customer experience and being able to address their problems completely.

There are many ways companies step into the customer shoes -- in the brick and mortar world, mystery shopping is powerful tool.  But as we increasingly do business online, what's the equivalent? The answer is one of the keys to building momentum in a online centric business.

Innovative customer experience vendor Full Story ( has devised a powerful way to live the customer experience online.  It goes beyond simply tracking customers as they experience your online environment -- it allows your teams to relive a specific customer's journey in full replay.  It's the next level -- giving all your CX influencing team members the real perspective they need to perfect the online customer experience.

Momentum is a key characteristic shared by all great businesses -- and the best way to get it is by more customer centric.

Nov 4, 2016  

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Using Customer Centric Strategies to Build Business Momentum


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