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Data as a Pillar of a Great Business

How does a company become a data driven organization?

1. On demand perspective across the organization

Look at most organizations and you’ll find data and insights being shared selectively by the lead department and visibility limited across the organization.  But those which are data driven are constantly pushing data out to all reaches of their organization -- with the goal of making data central to every team member's decision making.

AskNicely (http://www. delivers a cloud based customer feedback platform which enables real-time distribution of data to dashboards tailored to all departments of a company..

2. High data integrity

We’re talking about a pillar of the business — so the concrete needs to be solid and reliable. What are the keys to that? Here are a few things that play a key role. Multi dimensional data gathering that emphasizes creating strong baselines and a combination of high level and transactional feedback both play a key role. The key here is pushing as hard as possible to create strong integrity of data.

Leading CX solution provide PeopleMetrics ( puts vast emphasis on ensuring the quality of customer feedback data.  It's multilevel survey capabilities help companies elevate their customer centricity by driving the quality of their customer data to the next level.

3. Making data more energizing and engaging

You’d be amazed how many companies believe that ‘the data speaks for itself’. What that ignores is the reality of the role of data in an organization.

The purpose is to shift perceptions and hardened (incorrect) perspectives that are leading to wrong decisions and strategies. What is the likelihood that a bland presentation of data is going to achieve that high bar?

Well designed dashboards feed by the latest data are a powerful combination that will empower data to deliver a change in perspective.

Leading CX backbone provider Second To None ( delivers role-specific reporting to just the right people at just the right time across your entire enterprise. Our mobile-optimized reporting and analytics tools ensure your stakeholders are positioned to make decisions

4. Being everywhere (omnichannel)

Being data driven means being driven around gathering data. Beyond how you react to data, it’s about how far you reach into your customer base by using every channel possible to gather data.

Empowering customers to easily provide feedback at every stage of their buyers journey. By catching customers at their maximum levels of motivation to provide feedback, an organization creates a far deeper well of data.

Leading customer feedback vendor CloudCherry (http:/// offers access to customers across multiple platforms -- creating the omnichannel data sources that any data driven organization demands.

All roads point back to the customer relationship and data's role in driving it -- enablng technologies that increase the quality, delivery and reach of data efforts are all key to turning an organization into a data driven competitive force.

Oct 12, 2016  

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