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USPS Can't Track Whether New CX Program Is Improving Customer Experience

The Postal Service doesn't know if its new program intended to improve customer experience at post offices is actually working, according to a USPS inspector general report.

In 2013 the Postal Service selected 3,088 of the 32,000 post offices in its national retail network to be part of its newly created Premier Office program. The offices, which represented about 10 percent of locations and 46 percent of post office revenue in fiscal 2014, were selected based on revenue and geographic location to ensure that all areas of the country had access to a Premier Office, the IG says.

The primary goals of the program are to improve the customer experience and cost efficiency as well as maximize revenue, the report (pdf) says. However, the Premier Office program performance is measured only using a customer service survey and the IG doesn't consider that a holistic assessment. Despite the high number of offices studied, the report says the Postal Service "lacks a comprehensive methodology for evaluating program performance."

"Although survey results are important, this one indicator is not sufficient to measure program effectiveness," the report says.

For example, two key program goals – revenue and cost efficiency – are not considered and some questions that would reflect key aspects of the customer experience are not included in the survey.

"Creating a robust methodology that factors in this key information would help the Postal Service better evaluate the program's success and allow it to more effectively distribute program resources," the report says.


Sep 2, 2015 | Original Link

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