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NetBase Adds Storytelling PowerTags to Social Analytics

NetBase, the enterprise-scale social media analytics company, today announced its latest product innovation, that gives brands and agencies the flexibility for powerful brand storytelling. Two of the major enhancements include PowerTags and Sentiment Classification, which allow customers to assign meaning, tailor analysis, and adjust sentiment surfaced through NetBase.

“NetBase is our go-to platform for actionable consumer insights. The new enhancements add incredible flexibility to the platform and enable us to tell effective stories tailored to each of our clients’ objectives.”

NetBase patented technology analyzes social media content and quickly surfaces accurate insights on consumer emotions and behaviors. Leading agencies and trusted brands use NetBase and its technology to generate customer-centric ideas that fuel growth. The newest product innovations continue that trend.

PowerTags enable NetBase customers to categorize insights in a unique way to help organize and map social information. The functionality allows users to create tags and document thoughts, similar to how they would when brainstorming their next big idea. It provides a space for users to build their ideas and supports development of marketing approaches, such as consumer journeys, paths to purchase, and target personas, all of which help build brand equity.

“As the cutting-edge creative digital agency, our goal is to build ground-breaking campaigns based on in-depth consumer understanding,” said Andrew Dolby, Community Manager with EVB, one of Ad Age’s Agencies to Watch in 2015. “NetBase is our go-to platform for actionable consumer insights. The new enhancements add incredible flexibility to the platform and enable us to tell effective stories tailored to each of our clients’ objectives.”

In addition to fueling big ideas, PowerTags improve workflows with the option to easily prioritize posts by different departments. The added flexibility makes it easier to share social customer voice with different teams such as Customer Care and Innovation for follow-up and feedback.

Flexible Sentiment Classification gives users the option to adjust sentiment based on their project needs and business objectives. NetBase already has the most accurate sentiment analysis on the market, allowing brands and agencies to gain the most nuanced view of consumer perceptions. Now, it is going one step further by letting users adjust sentiment whenever they need it for tailored analysis.

“No one knows your business better than you. That’s why we are putting our customers in the driver’s seat and giving them new storytelling tools right inside NetBase,” said Pernille Bruun-Jensen, chief marketing officer at NetBase. “The most remarkable customer experiences are fueled by authentic insights and now we are making it easier to bring them forward.”

Jun 30, 2015 | Original Link

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