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Jive Unveils Latest External Community That Boosts Customer Satisfaction And Drives Deeper Engagement

Jive Software, Inc. has introduced the latest version of its Jive-x external community solution that further advances the mission of increasing customer satisfaction and engaged communities. Recently recognized by Forrester Research as a leading external community solution for its advanced mobile features and usability, the latest cloud release includes an innovative support center that reduces service costs and streamlines the escalation process, new community engagement analytics for actionable insights and a brand-new mobile app for effective, on-the-go community management. In addition, Jive-x also offers enhanced integrations with industry-leading technology, including Zendesk's ticket management system to automate support for unanswered customer questions.

"How a brand handles support needs can make or break a company's reputation," said Clara Liang, chief product officer at Jive Software. "With the updates to our external community solution, we empower companies and community managers to directly connect with their valued customers in more meaningful, engaging and responsive ways."

Reduce costs and deflect cases by leveraging the power of the community through the support center. The new Jive-x support center streamlines the self-help experience by providing an intuitive, interface-driven process to answer questions and ultimately reduce the number of customer care cases created.

  • Enhanced Search and Browsing Experiences: Jive offers a variety of ways brands can engage with customers needing support. New search capabilities include filtering and social relevance rankings for quicker access to pertinent information. In addition, people who prefer to browse for content can navigate through categorized sections within the Jive community that are populated from pre-selected filters.
  • Zendesk Integration: In the coming weeks, Jive-x support centers will be able to integrate with Zendesk's ticket management system, which ensures unanswered questions are automatically escalated into tickets.

Empower administrators to manage communities while on the go. The all new Jive-x mobile admin app provides community managers with the ability to moderate communities without the need of being tied to their desktop - approving or denying requests as needed, resulting in faster decision times and increased customer satisfaction.

Greater insight into community health and advocacy opportunities: In addition, Jive-x now offers an engagement index chart that provides a better understanding of how members engage with the brand by average user activity over time and provides insight into the growth of customer advocacy.

"Our business focuses on helping marketers master the art of digital marketing, and as such, we need to provide a platform which allows our customers to easily search and find answers to their most pertinent questions," said Scott K. Wilder, senior director at Marketo. "The new external support center from Jive will increase customer satisfaction and engagement because of the clean, easy-to-use environment that our community managers will be able to seamlessly configure and moderate."

"In our global industry it's imperative to be in a responsive, digital relationship with our community," said Katie Mehnert, CEO & founder at Pink Petro. "With the help of the improved customer communities solution from Jive, we're accelerating career development for our members and giving them exactly the information and access to people they need to advance in the energy industry."

In addition to today's update to Jive-x, Jive also announced new enhancements to Jive-n internal community solution.

Jun 26, 2015 | Original Link

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