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Cart vs Horse: Putting Customer Needs First

We all the know the cart-horse analogy — it’s probably one of the most used terms in business. There’s nowhere that it’s more relevant than in setting standards for your interactions with customers.

Too many companies let their current limitations (technology, expertise, staff or other areas) dictate their standards for customer interactions. ‘We can’t do it so we’ll act like it doesn’t matter’. The problem is …. it does matter.

And in the end, it’s your company that will pay the highest price by falling behind competitors who set a higher standard. There are a lot of people who put Steve Jobs on a pedestal but our reason for doing it is very specific. As business leaders, we know how easy it is to let current internal limitations become an excuse for setting lower standards.

Steve Jobs was relentless in his pursuit of what others saw as the ‘impossible’ — all because he know it was what customers needed. He pushed his teams to create things that many had not even envisioned let alone deemed to be possible.

In the world of customer feedback, one of the tipping points is allowing customers to provide free form feedback. If customer feedback is gold, then unexpected feedback (ie. answers to the questions you don’t know to ask) is the diamonds. Unfortunately (to push an analogy to its limits), they’re diamonds in the rough.

Allowing customers to freeform when providing feedback is a source of a treasure trove of unexpected insights. Sometimes they can be game changers that create competitive advantage to those companies who can harness it. What has stopped companies from doing it is internal limitations around efficiently capturing and categorizing that feedback — which until recently has been been a human exercise.

Clicktools has completed its toolbox of CRM connected VoC solutions by including a text insights tool that puts the horse (customer freeform feedback) in front of the cart (internal limited ability to handle random text answers).

Jan 26, 2015  

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It's impossible for companies to focus on the 'easy' market segments (ie. non millenials) and get comfortable with a less than competitive product or service offering. 

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