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Benchmarking Key to Customer Survey Actionability

A lot of things look good on paper, but the reality of how they play out in the day to day operations of your business are entirely another thing. I’ve seen successful and unsuccessful attempts to harness the Voice of the Customer via feedback programs. If there’s one thing that I can identify as the key factor in their long term impact it’s having a complete framework.

Complete in what way?

Many surveys or other feedback programs are thought of in silos. Too much focus goes on simply designing a set of questions that will generate high response rates. But the ROI of those efforts depends on actionability and actually taking action.

What drives actionability?

There are several factors but there’s one that stands out: benchmarking. if there’s one thing I used to hate as an executive, it was a team coming in with a deeply analyzed set of survey results and yet being unable to answer the question: Is that good or bad?

That simple question exposes the fundamental problem with the actionability of data. Once you have data point in front of you, what’s the first question you ask? It’s this:

“How does that compare to our competitors, adjacents or other leading companies that we want to emulate?”

The only way to answer that question is to benchmark.

A complete survey solution always answers the question of how to benchmark and brings it into the process early. Survey Analytics solution offers an integrated benchmarking tool that allows a company to simultaneously gather data about its own customers and those of competitors, adjacents and role model companies.

The key is how it completes the actionability of the survey results — making their current levels more assessment ready and helping to prioritize the most critical areas that are lagging industry and broader standards.

Jan 26, 2015  

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