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When we created this portal, my partner and I had each stepped away from a 3rd senior management role in companies with tens of thousands of customers. There were two things that drove the concept of CXcellence:

1. A vast unsorted array of tools, solutions and vendors.

When you first start looking at options for external support, the selection in the space is daunting, We have got 2500 and counting vendors listing on this portal and they run the gamut of solutions, focus areas and types of engagements with their clients. Clear business purpose is what puts companies the in the drivers seat with vendors -- with the agenda being set but a clear ROI goal rather than a simple checklist of desired programs.

2. Too much how, not enough why content online.

A quick google search will produce an endless stream of how-to content about customer centric programs. The problem is the why part is sadly missing from most. Most managers sense that it's missing, but when it gets to hard, they simply dive into the how part and try to drive their program through a quick simplified selection process. Why that may sound like agility, and it's actually a quick path to program oblivion -- with ROI a long lost dream.

Which brings me to my main point. Too often, companies jump straight from what (program) to how (do we run the program) and skip over the why (do we run the program in their processes). It happens a lot with customer centric programs.

Think about the loyalty, feedback or customer experience programs you are currently running (or attempting to run). Can you define exactly what the target impact is on your business model (ie. how your company grows and makes money)?

If the answer is yes, then you are in the elite -- that small subset of businesses that have covered that key step -- defining the why -- the connection point between programs and business models. if you are not, we're here to help you do that anyway we can.

Arvind Gourishankar


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